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Who qualifies as a 'Christian Leader' to stay at Eden Waters?

If you are a Christian and lead others and you are wanting to spend time with God retreating, then you qualify!  You might lead a church, a ministry, a business, a NFP board, a school, or even a connect group.  We are not a holiday destination, nor a business meeting venue.

Are you available for weekends?

We have deliberately excluded weekend availability for two reasons; to prioritise our own sabbath / family times and to encourage guests to utilise the retreat time as part of their workplace professional development and self-care.

Can I book as a group?

Yes! Providing you and your group are here intentionally retreating and that you and your group are also leaders.

Can I bring my children?

This can be a sensitive question for people but generally, the answer will be no. We have intentionally set up a space that is a change from your everyday. We are seeking to support extended periods of time for growing in connection with God, allowing you to be known by Him and to deepen your understanding of Him. However, if you would like to chat about your specific needs, please reach out using the general enquiry form.

Can I bring my pet?

Unfortunately our property is not set up to accommodate your pet.

If you would like to give to the mission of Eden Waters or support leaders who can't afford to pay the full rate, we welcome your support. Thank you in advance for partnering with us in the scaffolding of ongoing health and sustainability of our Christian leaders.

Name: TO & SB Cornish

BSB: 062544

Acc: 10320242

Please use our general enquiry form below if you have any further questions.

Responsive to Your Needs

General Enquiries

If you have thoughts, questions or enquiries about Eden Waters please fill out the form below and Tim and Sue will respond to you shortly.

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Leave your Everyday Behind

Getting Here

Our address is 94 Daley Ave, Daleys Point, NSW 2257.

There is plenty of parking at Eden Waters. Either park at the top of the driveway and walk down or you can drive to the bottom where there is plenty of room to park and turn around. Call your hosts prior to arrival to confirm best parking.

There are other ways to begin your retreat experience before you arrive. You can leave your car behind. Consider taking the train to Woy Woy train station and we’ll pick you up or alternatively, you can catch the ferry from Palm Beach to Ettalong and we’ll collect you from there.


We humbly hold the role of custodians here at Eden Waters, entrusted with this sacred space for the glory of God in this moment. We honour and pay our respects to all those who have held this role before us.